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Mutant Dot Sixty-Three Released

Contributed by Anonymous on Sep 03, 2001 - 03:10 AM

First off, let me break the bad news to you with what is not in this release. The PostNuke article is system is being rewritten from the ground up, so we chose not make too many modifications until we can do it right. So there is no picture upload. We also did not include nl2br's in the admin, because of the effect it has on tables. These are issues that will be addressed soon, just not with this release.

With that our of the way, let's talk about some of the highlights.

First off there is an improved referers section. this now counts the frequency of hits from a referer, instead of a straight list. Thanks to Tim for adding this.

For you Search Engine fanatics out there, you now have a feature called Dynamic Keywords which parses your story text and adds it to your meta keywords on an article by article basis. I believe that Tim get's the credit here as well.

For folks on intranet that need an option to turn off comments on a story by story basis, this is added as well. You can choose the stories that you want your users to comment on, instead of having comments always on. -- Credits to Nemo for this one.

The AutoLink mod by Jens has been integrated into the core as well. This allows you to define links that automatically link in your articles.

Modules Admin -- A VERY IMPRESSIVE start to our effort to standardize plugins and modules for the system. This system allows the use of "Official Modules" as well as give you more information about your install modules. A very nice feature of this new system allows you to "Turn on or off" modules with a click of a mouse. -- Thanks to dctanner for this one.

We have also done some very subtle changes to the modules system by Patrick. Instead of having to drop your module admin folders in the admin, you can now keep them in your module directory. This allows you to have a very quick install of future modules. In addition language files are slowly being moved to the module system, so that you are not parsing a 100k file on each page load. This will be a huge performance boost once fully integrated.

Finally, my sincere thanks goes out to everyone that has reported, fixed, given suggestions, etc for the bugs in the system. I won't lie to you and say the .63 is completely bug free, but it seems to be very close.

Thanks to all that helped in this release, and my apologies for forgetting anyone that deserved some special recognition (which I am sure there are a couple of folks I left out).