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openBB on test at The GEAR...

Contributed by Nexia, next time ple on Jul 09, 2001 - 09:35 PM

You surely have read the comments the kids from have written ... again, crying out loud against someone that want to offer something new... but the biggest problem is that the News on phpnuke was not sent by the creator of openBB...that was an anonymous post... another stupid act by nukelite... publish something without verifying the source...

ok, lets talk about the forum... it is full of usefull configurations, and you can see it works on that is the best way for you to check it out... the admin part is integrated, and as i prefer the integrated way to administrate modules, it's a good part!

Sub-categories with sub-forums, threaded when needed, great design, and simple tables that are easy to modify to integrate to post-nuke...

The registration config is great... the admin can select 3 ways to register:... it would be a great enhancement for post-nuke:

-email validation link

-email password (generated)

-direct registration

-and send a PM after the registration... like a Welcome Home! (the admin select the text themselves)

Maybe it's not the best forum ever... i know many have preferences for phorum or phpBB, but openBB is easy to configure, template generated, so you can thread or flat or nest everything... you can also configure every forum to have a different look...etc...

So i think it's a good tool to look at, and try to integrate it's in beta, we can wait a bit, but as i work with the creator/coder, i can manage a team to work on the integration, directly to The GEAR...( )