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header.php now does the language page orientation switch!

Contributed by Anonymous on Sep 09, 2001 - 12:23 AM

To me this is a major facet as we can now enter Arabic articles, read Arabic text "normally" rather than the browser screwing up the directions etc.

Version 1.24 of header.php is available for download from the downloads section (I didn't change the version number, I'll submit this file to the PostNuke group and hopefully they will incorporate it in the CVS and "clean it up" if necessary as well)

PLEASE let me know if you experience problems. Your comments are VERY valuable to make sure that the thing works as it should. So comment here or in the forum.

Me now very happy cookie! I'm off to design an Arabic theme now and will release it when complete. It will take care of the justification in the menus properly.