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Reduce the size of the Mutant!

Contributed by Well, tkdack, it app on Sep 14, 2001 - 10:31 AM

  1. Remove all images from the archive that do not relate directly to the PostNuke eg: the "filemanager" images are still in the archive, as are the forum images, but not the forum module.

  2. Package the languages seperately -- I know some will require all languages, but I'm betting most people only need one, or a couple.

If you do this it will probably mean offering the languages as either discrete archives, or one archive with all the languages.

This will also mean that each module/plug-in will have to package their own language files and place them under that modules directory (as some already do). Additionally the images for each module should be placed in a directory under that modules directory.

I think this will also make the installation of PostNuke a little easier because you add the extra features to the base, rather than downloading the base, remove the stuff you don't want and then upload to your live server.

This can also help when you want to remove a module, simply delete the entire directory for that module and it is gone. No more searching throughout your site for bits 'n' pieces

To please those that "want everything in one go", all packages could be placed in one master archive.

I realise that this all probably means more work for the developers at release time, but ultimately I think it will produce a nicer, more professional and user friendly distribution

Oh yeah, what you guys have done so far really rocks!!