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Gaming Industry Disaster Fund Auction (G.I.D.F.A.)

Contributed by Anonymous on Sep 17, 2001 - 11:57 PM

A domain has been purchased for this venture and will be running PostNuke 6.3 as it's core. I cannot give the domain URL yet as DNS is still propogating it.

For full details please visit The current list of supporters is as follows:

Mongoose Publishing - Matthew Sprange

Scorpions Nest Tactical Gaming

Backstage Press - Anthony J. Gallela

West End Games - Fred Jandt

Otherworld Creations - Dave Webb

Wyldlands RPG Team - Andy Belfield

Synister Creative Systems - R.M. Sean J

GameForge - Philip Tillsley

Lasalion Games - Dan Hensel

Mindshift Design - Jason McCartan

Key 20 Publishing - Jason L Blair

Thunderhead Games - Hal Greenberg

MT Enterprises - Moses Wolfy Wildermuth

RPG Consortium

The Amethyst Alliance

A2 Press - Michael Cox

Team Frog Studios - Paul

Battlefield Press Inc - Jonathan M Thompson

Mystic Eye Games - Doug Herring

MicroTactix Games - Guy McLimore

Clockworks - Aaron Rosenberg

Interactivities Ink - Mike Young

The Game Crafter - JT Smth

Green Ronin Publishing - Nicole Lindroos / Chris Pramas

Alien Menace Games - Ed Evans

Ken St. Andre - Representing the Online T&T Community

Roleplaying Tips Ezine - Johnn Four

Dark Omen Games - Seth Ben-Ezra - Sandy Antunes

Raven Mimura - Artist

Anna Dobritt - Freelance Mapper

Grey Ghost Press - Ann Dupois

Dork Storm Press - John Kovalic

Game Codex - Jared Nielsen

The GuildHall Press - Mike Demetro

Matt Forbeck - Freelancer

Eilfin Publishing - Adam Theriault

Forgotten Futures - Marcus L Rowland

Arcadia Distribution - Pete

Savage Mojo - Martin Klimes

Action Studios -Sean Patrick Fannon

Be A Gamer, Inc - Sue Wachowski

David Chart - Freelancer

Dark Portal Games - Darrin Drader

Gold Rush Games -Mark Arsenault

Steve Jackson Games - Steve Jackson

Inner City Games Designs / Hekaforge Productions - Chris Clark

Hogshead Publishing Ltd - James Wallis

Sean Michael Whipkey - Freelancer

Adept Press - Ron Edwards

Guild of Imagination Games - Eve Deane

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Shane Hensley

Concept Syndicate Inc. - Patrick Chipman

Citizen Games Inc. - Michael J. Eckert

I would be grateful I you could post this.


Gary Thompson


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