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NukeAddon customization for Post-Nuke?

Contributed by Anonymous on Jul 11, 2001 - 01:45 PM

I think the modifications should be:

  • making all of it CSS-compliant

  • making all of it translateable to other languages (this is very important point for us)

  • taking out common functions from Nuke core files into a module itself, keeping core files unchanged

  • making modules renameable

  • other functions, like modifying installer.php, etc. would be the last

I cannot use CVS from my workplace because of firewalls, so I will be able to login only tonight, then I can submit the idea there too. I will contact KingRichard at too concerning these, as there is not so much life over at his CVS branch, it seems, and he might also receive these modifications well. And I also need to check whether there is somebody working on this already.

Did anyone start to do something like this already with NukeAddon?