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My choice of PostNuke

Contributed by Anonymous on Sep 23, 2001 - 11:29 AM

I’m just a user. I came in pursuit of some sort of “Nuke CMS” because of the aspirations I had to offer a free website for all of the Bowling Community. I looked at all the other CMS systems. I downloaded, installed and tried every one of them. I have no programming knowledge what so ever. I never heard of PHP or MySql stuff until I began this search. All this is the “dark side” to me and I just don’t get this programming stuff. :o)

One think did, however, become clear into this search… and that is the choice to go with PostNuke. My focus on making the right choice was support. Support to me is the most important consideration when making a choice of any product. I felt that then and I still feel it now. The next important element I see is the active development of the current code and having a guided, focused destination in mind for all developers to work towards. You have to get everyone pulling in the same direction on the rope to ver. 1.0. You have to have an objective of providing a stable, fast and flexible code core yet provide for expansion in the form of adding modules and/or features without having to edit or change the core in any way. I think PostNuke is moving along those lines.