Flexible Content Management System


vPaddock sim-racing site is Post-Nuked

Contributed by Sounds like some int on Sep 24, 2001 - 10:23 PM

  • Each topic can have a forum associated with it.

  • Downloads have topic associations.

  • Section content have topic associations.

  • "Dashboard" pages for leagues and designers which show all content associated with their topicid. Since I'm dealing with small groups, this way their forums and news don't get lost amongst all the other content.

  • Added preview URL to download items.

  • Ported the Nuke5 block to show the most recent forum topics.

  • Context-sensitive selection menus in the theme - bring up the appropriate dashboard pages for leagues and designers.

Also fiddled and fixed a bunch of phpbb 1.4 problems ... I'm sure I missed a few, though. Having everything related in some way to a topic makes the whole system hang together better - everything can belong somewhere. The code for Leagues and Designers (dashboard pages) is done in modules, so its very easy to create new kinds of dashboards without messing up existing stuff.

This site is more or less in final beta. There are still a couple more mod's I want to make, and there may still be bugs left un-killed.