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phprofession version 1.4

Contributed by Anonymous on Sep 24, 2001 - 10:27 PM


added fetures on this phprofession version 1.4:

# email usr for admin fixed.

# admin menu made more effecient.

# recruiter emails in config file.

# register cv link page [ need new sql for it to work or add a joblisting with jcode=Apply and checked =0]

# cv file upload where (cmd='upload') must have a valid path to upload to in the config file you can edit this so it can upload up to 4 files at once.

# will be notified by email when file is up loaded.

# as well as the folder chmod must = '777' to do this open cute ftp or whatever you use right click and select chmod and change the number you see to 777.

# cleaned up sloppy links to work properly.

# config file has more variables to fill out makeing less editing on the other file's.

#remember to add your links.phprofession.php file to your admin/links dir.

# future addons will be a joblist page where jobs are listed only displaying a certain amount at a time at a time

# job search script where users can search for a job.

# emailing jobs to subscribed users ,about certain job listings thatare availible.

if you have changed any thing or made a usefull function to this module post it here in the downloads section.

download this version here phprofession 1.4