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A Small Note About Blocks

Contributed by Anonymous on Sep 28, 2001 - 01:26 AM

Instead of using the default Main Menu where you have the "Other Options" listed, it would be better to utilize the link list block.

Now, you might be worried about the changing of names for your plugins and then having to change your main menu everytime. Worry not, my friends.

Because we have a genious on the staff (Patrick, definately not me), the idea of changing plugin folder names is built in to the link list. It is very easy to do, and doesn't require you to copy and paste the url, and here is how:

1) Create a new link list in your blocks admin and name it "Main Menu" or really whatever you want.

2) In the title of the content portion of the blocks admin, put whatever name you would like for the module. In the case of this site, I decided to name the sections, "Project Documentation".

3) In the URL portion for any plugin just place the plugin name in brackets. IE... for Project Documentation on this site I used [Sections] . If this was a NS module like the admin modules that you will see in the next release, it would be something like this [NS-Sections] .

4) In the description, just add a quick description for the link. When your mouse hovers over it, you will see that description.

Quite simple.

You also have the choice of inserting a row if you forgot and need to add another link, along with deleting an entry all together. After each new row, just save the block and move on to the next row.

I hope this helps someone that might be confused as to how to make your Main Menu ML compatible. I believe PostNuke is the only script that uses this method, so I can't vouch as to whether this ML feature can be used on any other CMS.