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Support Via Forums?

Contributed by I do my best to hit on Oct 03, 2001 - 11:35 PM

  • Search function broken: When a user clicks on a topic link it usually returns: "No matches found to your query" (Oddly enough it's working on my site right now... after almost 2 weeks of it not working. Odd.) I had close to 7 people one night pop in the IRC channel asking about this very same thing.

  • Allowable_html not working: A few people have mentioned that Postnuke is stripping img tags out of their articles all of a sudden. I've also noticed that the ''target='' modifier gets stripped out of my links; so I'm now sending people away from my site when they click on a link.

  • Various questions on autolink, forums, etc.. I know these arn't core parts of Postnuke.. but it would nice to hear some answers from the proverbial horses' mouths when people repeatedly ask the same questions over again.

    I know you guys are busy working on the new release - and I'm definately not *demanding* any sort of thing.. but I'm not the only one that has noticed that since the IRC channel has been put online, the support activity on the forums has dropped considerably.
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