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PN Mailinglist module

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 05, 2001 - 10:58 PM

Some of those features include Socket based e-mail connections enable the script to handle _much_ larger lists than other PHP mailers which use the mail () function. We have though, provided a fall back to the mail() function in case you can't get the sockets to work.

A MySQL backend keeps the rest of the script clicking along at high speed. Multiple lists can be created and users who sign up for more than one list will not receive duplicate mailings. You can have an unlimited number of lists and have the option of sending html formatted mail. Users can add, remove, and change their mailings without your assistance. Due to the socket base of the script, users can manage subscriptions through e-mail, similar to listserv. You can allow other people access to the mailing list system and specify which lists they are allowed to send their messages to.

To install this module, you just drop it in the modules dir, and it will create all DB tables for you as long as you set the DB right in the config file! The admin part is ofcource selfcontained also, log in as admin and you get the admin link with its privs..

If you want to test it, you can download it from the download section here.

One last thing!
Have fun!

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Bjarne Varoystrand aka Black Skorpio - TEAM Cassolette