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Contact Us on steroids

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 05, 2001 - 11:33 PM

Basically what this thing does is track and record messages between a 'rep' and a contact. It was designed as a trouble ticketing system for an ISP, but really you could use it for anything. It's GPL. Here's how it works:

1) Web surfer comes to your site and needs to ask a question. Clicks on Contact Us link, fills in name, email, telephone, "category", subject and message, and priority. Clicks on "Create Ticket". System responds with a confirmation and a ticket tracking number.

2) System creates a ticket and message record.

3) 'Rep' logs in to system, it shows 'open' tickets, reads and responds to them. Responses are emailed to web surfer.

4) Web surfer reads response, and can reply back. When the reply is received, it is added to the Ticket thread and the process can start all over again, or the rep can close the ticket.

Very basic, but effective. Here's what I envision it doing as a full fledged module:

1) Instead of my rudimentory ticket submission page, it is more like the PN_Contact module that builds a list of categories from the database, and uses the logged in user's info, if available.

2) The ticket would record the user's ID, so that when the user came back to the public Ticket page it would display his/her tickets.

3) Public page also has a ID search button, so if the surfer is anonymous they can locate their ticket thread.

4) The ticket management would be fully integrated as an administration module, including the ability to designate users as 'reps', modify categories, and of course manage tickets.

What think you all?