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Mutant Dot Sixty-Four Released

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 08, 2001 - 01:15 AM

As always here's my chance to let everyone know a little bit of what we have been working on since the last release. First off, it has been asked to assemble a change log since the last release. That change log can be viewed here. As you can see it is pretty extensive.

What we have done is added quite a bit behind the scenes that will probably be transparent to you. However, the performance should be something that you will find at least a little better. I am going to list just a small portion of the changes (mainly because my memory is going, and I can't remember everything we have done in the past month).

New Language System -- Credit to nexia, adam_baum, and Sam Luxford-Watts. I've already left out a message on the new system last week, but this is pretty impressive to announce again. There is now a very small global file, with several files that are only used on specific page views. What this means to you is that on a normal pageview instead of your server parsing a 100k file, it is only parsing a 10-20k file and then the specific translations for that page.

Remember, there are some negatives, mainly that all the previous translations have to now be re-done. Work has already began on that and there is now 2 language files on SF (German and Thai) by Jan Hübener and Prateep Kulapalanont. It's a start, and as folks send me translations I will add them to our SourceForge page.

New Admin System -- Credit to Patrick and adam_baum (hope I'm not forgetting anyone here!) Goes hand in hand with the language system. We had to have a solid way of using file specific translations and this is what we came up with. This also goes a very long way to making the modules system a true plugin system, where all you have to do is drop the modules that you want to install in a single folder.

New Install File -- Credit to dacia and Micheal. Michael cleaned the mess that we had made with the install file and made it a modular system. It is very fast now, as well as a little nicer to look at, with a little easier directions to follow.

Text Santitizer -- Credit to Michael again -- This is a system that myPHPNuke has been using for quite some time. We have integrated it into PostNuke, because quite frankly, it works better than what we were using. With that system, we are also close to having a myPHPNuke upgrade file to being released.

Include_Once problem -- Credit to Patrick -- There were some problems with the previous release because we were using include_once commands for our mainfile.php. Patrick solved the problem with a custom function so the script should now work with all builds of PHP4.

AutoLink enhancements -- credit to Jens -- Jens made quite a few enhancements to his already great system of autolinking. This system is now a bit more user friendly, but also takes the place of the article.php key word linking.

Ability of choosing custom start page -- credit to Sascha -- A very popular request that we listen to. You can now choose the page that you want to be displayed on your index page. Very cool feature.

image consolodation -- nexia -- nexia trimmed the images that were no longer used out of the system to make the download of the package a little more reasonable

Sebastien has also done quite a bit towards running multiple sites off of one codebase. There are still some problems to iron out with that. Jun, besfred and Sascha also deserve some mentioning here for some of the wonderful work behind the scenes. They have all been working very hard on securing the script as well as some very nice performance enhancements. Let's also not forget Isaac and his work in the chat room with the support. Real nice job there, along with everyone else that is helping out!

I apologize to all the people that I didn't mention on this post. Everyone has done a woderful job, but my fingers are about to bleed here! In your spare time, drop by SourceForge and rate each of our developer crew with high marks. They all deserve quite a bit of recognition in the GPL world.