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phprofession version 1.5

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 08, 2001 - 09:10 PM

CHANGE LOG: version 1.5.

# there have been many bug fixes main ones are upload file better suited for this module. admin section should login fine now.

# added tell a friend and extra info on file uploads.

# better config file set up for installing this module, also note you must add the name of your module dir to all the other pages eg:phprofession.

# added cmd functions Choice,RecruitingClient,tellafriend.

go here to download this module phprofession 1.5

this module has the potential to become a real powerful recruitment module,

here are some idea's for the future phprofession modules.

# registered users in post nuke have a added database to store there cv making applying for a job simpler for the user.

# registered users can recieve a email of newly posted jobs in there spacific area of work.

# mailing list for client and regestered users on info on jobs or news.

# jobs expire after being posted for a certain amount of days.

# admin section will not have a seperate name and pass to axcess it , will use admin login and there will also include a manual file for this module to help you post jobs and make phprofession easy to use.

thanks for useing phprofession