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Nuke themes and a challenge

Contributed by There is actually a on Oct 12, 2001 - 09:27 PM

I think that the theme model has got to change so that you can use a dev tool like Dreamweaver or GoLive to create an html file that has >?php> (sorry about the brackets, the text sanitizer is killing me here) scripts in it so that dynamic content comes through.

Since I'm still very new to the nuke scene and have done only some initial hacks and porting of modules, it seems like this task would not be that daunting especially since the index.php system has been modularized in .64. Am I wrong about this?

It should be as simple as creating a html template and putting in ">?php leftblock($leftuppercornerimg, $thbgdimg, $thbgdcolor, $rightuppercornerimg, $tblbgdimg, $tblbgdcolor, $title) ?>". If you don't fill in one of the parameters, the css kicks in.

I'm probably forgetting something here but, this should be applicable to all the blocks whereby you specify the fill information and the backend fills in the images.

Am I off base here or is there a better way?