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Idea for automated newsletter

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 13, 2001 - 10:23 PM

There could be more (maybe new forum posts, events for the next days and so on), but this is a problem, as not everybody has installed the same modules.

The user will be able to switch between a daily and a weekly newsletter (you then need two cron jobs).

There will be no html version - at least I won't code it - as I really dislike html emails.

I will create a new table, so there will be no modifications to the core and updates will be without hassles.

The table will include colums for username, email, weekly or daily subscription.

Only registered users will be allowed to subscribe to the newsletter.

Some may think now, that the frequency of the visitors will decrease - I don't think so - at least for the weekly newsletter.

The script which sends the newsletter has to be protected by htacess or at least be renamed, so abuse is not possible.

Another feature will be: The newsletter is sent automatically, but you will be able to write a custom introduction for each newsletter, which will be deleted after the newsletter is sent. If you don't write an introduction for a newsletter, a standard introduction will be used.

Features, which I won't implement in near future are:

Switch between html and text newsletter.

Select topics of interest.

So, before I start coding, what do you think about that idea?

Help is appreciated - code snippets, ideas....


nuke-email at gmx dot de