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Some ideas for PosNuke

Contributed by Many good ideas in h on Oct 14, 2001 - 11:10 AM

1. During last beta of Nuke ML by crocket, the language autodetection was introduced.

This is about the feature You all know from SourceForge and PHPMyAdmin.

i adapted an exisitng 3rd party script through index.html earlier here

how about making it an issue during the user system development? any thoughts ?

2. speaking of user system features, i was thinking of permission and subscription tags in a special user group system which sets feature bits similar to chmod, realized in a database.

So You would probably have like 'FF FF FF FF' for admins or any better system focusing on the needs for a safe but userdefined features.

one thing for both points, is the need to let users have an article system with the choice, to submit multiple language versions of an article.

Eg. let the admin specify which are the "main languages" lets say you as an admin speak some few languages, and want the users eg of a previously specified roman language group see french articles, and only IF they don't exist, the english one is shown.

This would make it easier, to let people have their language set for navigating menus and stuff, but at the same time providing the advantages of a ML articles system ...

(and not having to post the engl article just for ALL)

a workaround at first, to keep it bugfree, would be to reduce the system at first to an article submission for 2 languages, like your native language just for the users of this one, and engl for all others, just a little step further from where we are already.

after all this means just making the number of available menu and the article languages working more independent.

guess lot'S of ideas and visions from users with diffrent approaches and needs from comparable systems will occur, so which are to be considered useful and realistic at which points of development?

3. point would be to read the state of system performance from certain server variables, and switching system wide options for system load comsuption.

this could include a high load Mode switching just to basic stuff.

I mean max (db)connections and stuff is set in server already, but switching to fast and simple mode is probably a feature for reaching a wider acceptance.

a caching system for building a cgi version on certain intervalls (like slashcode) would imho be a choice too. much for today, so i would like to share on your experiences for those isues and the likes ...