Flexible Content Management System


An option suggestion for saving processor load

Contributed by Not a bad idea! Act on Oct 14, 2001 - 11:18 AM

This suggestion is for a module like News that uses a static HTML page. The HTML page looks more or less like the standard news page, and is generated (modified) each time a story is approved, or more relevant information changes; but it doesn't display the more dynamic features like #of reads, who's online, etc--it could, e.g., indicate whether or not comments have been given on stories, since this change event occurs only once per story. During hours of 'peak' traffic, PN could switch the 'home' page to this static HTML page, and the processor would only have to work/access the db when users actually used the other options. I'd guess that this would cut down processor load drastically. Some sites would not even need the more dynamic content, and on heavy-loaded servers, would want to use the HTML page as standard.

Just a suggestion--I'm no PHP expert.