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PN in a mass virtual hosting environment

Contributed by I wish we had the ne on Oct 20, 2001 - 10:32 PM

initial reactions to the possibilities for

community building, workflow via rss feeds,

and user empowerment in general have been

very positive. we believe we have found

a killer app for our university.

therefore, we have been thinking on how we

could scale postnuke to dozens, later hundreds

of virtual hosts.

obviously, we need to automate the process

of setting up a postnuke site as much as

possible. we are thinking about the following


  • footprint of default postnuke installation

    we could reduce the footprint by having a

    central code repository and symlinking to

    that repository. this opens up a can of

    worms in regards to security, though.

  • quota support for the database

    we need to find a way to include the database

    in the user quota. this can likely be done

    very easily by assigning correct ownership

    to the mysql database files.

  • customized config files

    we will develop a script to fill in the

    correct values per host into the config.php


  • customized database content

    we will develop an sql dump with sensible

    defaults for our environment that showcases

    the features we care about and drops geeky


  • staying in sync with new pn versions

    we are positive that postnuke will evolve

    powerful collaboration features in the

    next few releases, and we don't want to

    miss out on them. we therefore want to make it

    as easy as possible to migrate our user

    base to new pn versions. this calls for

    some scripts as well.

  • performance, performance, performance

    obviously, its quite a different matter

    if you run sloppy code on a lone site

    that gets five hits a week, or on a

    busy server that has dozens of pn

    installations deployed. i know that

    phpnuke sucks re: performance, and i

    hope that postnuke is noticably more

    performant. some optimization work

    would have to get into the core.

i would be interested to contribute these

scripts back into CVS to facilitate this

for others.

has anyone done anything comparable? i would

be interested to get in touch with you and

learn about the issues you came up with.

i will make sure that the needs of large

pn deployments are considered in the

development process.


postnuke developer