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Nuke Addon, PHP-Nuke Development, and a Welcome Message

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 21, 2001 - 02:34 AM

Some of you may know, and King Richard will now be supporting PostNuke instead of PHP-Nuke. This is pretty exciting news, because it brings in some fresh ideas towards the plugin side of life to PostNuke. As a matter of fact is currently running PostNuke, and King Richard has started to port his modules over to the PostNuke system.

There has also been a recent influx of developers from PHPNuke to PostNuke. Quite a few of the developers that were on the project have joined the ranks of PostNuke in the past few weeks. The reason for this is, Francisco decided that open development is not a path to take for PHP-Nuke, and has once again decided to close development of PHP-Nuke. As always, we wish him luck with his project, but this was one of the reasons if you remember why we forked. I am sure that he will continue to release a quality product, and likewise we will continue to develop on our terms and our path. His loss is our gain:)

I am sure that there will be some minor hiccups as the influx of developers seem to have as they learn our processes and our goals, vision, etc. Our development can seem like a bit of chaos from time to time, until you start learning the system of chaos that is happening. Welcome to the team guys, and as always, feel free to contact me if you would like to join the dev team and participate in the chaos that we call home.