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PN_LastSeen block official version 1.0

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 22, 2001 - 10:40 PM

for the version 1.0, i've fixed some security bug that enabled any visitor to enter the users prefs without login. i also have modified the look of it so it looks more like a block.

multi-language that look for the french way to show dates (il y a X jours) instead of ( X days ago)...

for the future:

i'll see for the David "Cyklone" Thompson way to have the number of users listed in it, with his participation (hopes).

for visitors, see only the listing, for members, click to send a private message to user... when iMessenger installed, send a IM to user...

ok, the stuff:

i'll wait to see if Michael can place the archive on postnuke, but for now, you can download it here...

it's french and english for now...!!!