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More Pest Killers Needed

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 23, 2001 - 10:20 AM

The CVS board is great, but more users should be directed to specific areas on CVS for patches, issue resolution etc.

Example: I am having trouble with Autolinks. I went to look for info about bugs with .64 and found one on CVS... but no resolutions or remarks were posted. No one has even been assigned to it. Then I perused the message boards in hopes of finding someone discussing the issue. Nada. Finally I found the new Yahoo Group Dev board and scanned through recent posts. Nothing. I finally got the idea to re-check CVS and found the patch files. To my knowledge this is the only place they are published. Could the links to these patches also be entered in the Downloads area? If not then the Downloads area should point all users to CVS.

Of course all this work was pointless in the end because I still can't seem to get the Autolink function working. Don't Autolinks actually filter through articles and place links on the keywords? I have seen this on at least one site but am still unsure if this is what I should be looking for. Somewhere there should be simple descriptions of the modules and how they work. I am starting to sound like a Project Manager now.