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Project Webreach for Peace: the wrapup is out (in prerelease)

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 23, 2001 - 10:25 AM

This project is about helping Christian communities put up PN as easily/cheaply as possible to facilitate discussing/acting on peace issues for these times.

The wrapup installs 0.64 with the three fixes, Cyboards, and a few extra blocks and sections, it replaces News with NPN news, it places PNWhosOnline and PHPinfo as NS-d but in an admin block. It creates some categories on cyboards. It has some PostNuke based themes installed. A second one actually pre-installs ten stories (to help the newbies see what it's like having stories without having to make qsl jsqsldmfd articles, and start them out with some stories if they can't find 10 stories immediately). A third, 'blank' version is also available which only installs the nice goodies and is helpful for newbies who want a nice, easy install of PN but are planning on using their site for other purposes.

There are still many things you can do to help if you like. First off, testing the prerelease would be appreciated; I've already found a few issues that must be addressed in a new release or in docs. Also, looking over my newbie docs for your input would be appreciated. Since this is a site for newbies, I also hope to start a documentation project for PN newbies--with a little help we could fill in all the html pages in the Online Admin manual. You can see tech information for the project under the Category Tech: project page.