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Questions about PostNuke

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 23, 2001 - 10:29 AM

While I think that FB and the folks at PostNuke are both doing an excellent job, I have concerns with both projects and have a number of questions I think most Nukers would like to ask. Let me also state here that I am taking no sides here - I am trying to do what is best for my site.

Here goes -

At some point I figure PostNuke will have forked pretty far from PHP-Nuke as to be incompatible. True or false? If true, how long til then?

Will there be conversion scripts from PHP-Nuke to PostNuke available? I know this can be a mess, but perhaps from current version (of PHP-Nuke) to current version (of PostNuke)?

What about themes and modules? How will they cope?

What's next for both projects? Any info here would be reassuring

I hope someone can provide some answers - I would like to have some idea in which direction to go. I think FB has provided a great web solution, but am concerned about future development. I think that the PostNuke folks have a better path to go down, but have no experience with them and am a little hesitant to jump horses in mid stream, as it were. Thanks much...