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The first present from NukePack

Contributed by It might be easier f on Oct 23, 2001 - 09:53 PM

All functions of core codes have been extracted automatically (by my patented uniNuke splitter modul) and left unchanged (except of removal of comments) from the original files and have been stored separately in the includes/functions/xxx.php/ directory as func-yyy.php separate php codes.

The result is a functionally equivalent, but modularized postNuke core.

So if somebody (like King Richards :)) or me) would like to "patch" the core, this can be simply done by modifying and replacing or adding only the affected functions not the whole file (so may interfere with other


Installation is simple: copy all files and subdirs into your postNuke root.

Overwritten files can be found in the backup subdir.

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