Flexible Content Management System


WYSIWYG Editor alpha

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 24, 2001 - 05:04 PM

Currently it can only support IE due to active X nature. But I'm trying to add support for Netscape with Active X plug-ins install.

Based on the comment below, I would like to add this comment. For those of you who like to see PDHTML in modules then here is a question: how do you add a library files or a non PHP files into modules?

When I say CORE doesn't mean I will add data into mainfile or any of PN files. Instead I add new library file for PN CORE files. This way if you need or want to implemented it you will just add two HTML line for each TEXTBOX on your modules and you are set.

P.S. Currently you can grab it at postnuke_official/tests/editor/. Include are the documentation on how a developer can implemented the editor. Also make sure that you copy editor directory into html/