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Stop flaming PHPNuke...

Contributed by It isn't necessary t on Jul 15, 2001 - 01:13 PM

Some of the PostNuke supporters are "spamming" comments with "switch to PostNuke" and stuff. I refuse to believe that this is done by PostNuke devteam and therefor is NOT something that they do.

Nothing good ever came out of flaming - the only thing you "flamers" are doing is creating badwill between the PHPNukers and the PostNukers which is never a good solution. The hardcore PHPNukers will probably not switch to PostNuke anyways - until PostNuke has proven to be a "competitor" count on.

I am not saying that PostNuke is in error - I'm just saying stop flaming PHPNuke, the only thing that is accomplished is that people will dislike the PostNuke-team even if they are "innocent" to the flames.

Whatever you might think about Francisco Burzi and his way of developing PHPNuke, I for one don't approve of it, nothing is gained by making him even more anti-PostNuke than he already is. He can not stop PostNuke from evolving since he has released it under GNU/GPL so let PHPNuke co-exist with PostNuke without spamming with "flames". If FB doesn't see the changes that are going to come out of PostNuke is good then PHPNuke most likely will commit suicide. CVS developed projects always has "killed" other projects not doing it this way.

According to me there is NO way FB can continue developing on his own if PostNuke is a success (and you can keep the friendship between yourselves (see mPP)). Perhaps, but not likely, he will start using CVS development (he has said no to this for a long long time).

Just please stop this childish flaming - PostNuke is derived out of PHPNuke so stop flaming the source!