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Ideas and Clarification on Direction

Contributed by The article changes on Oct 25, 2001 - 10:22 AM

I was wondering if the team would care to elaborate any on the product direction. The vision page gives some general comments, and I've seen rumblings here and there by reading various articles where the team would hint at things. For example, I know that there is a rewrite of the user system either IP or coming up, and the articles system is due for an overhaul as well. Are there any specifics the developers want to share with the community in terms of what the requirements are for any of these items, or has the thought process even gotten that far yet? Any other pieces that are slated for an overhaul?

Now, I would like to take a minute and share some ideas on features you might add to the articles and uesrs systems. First I'll talk about the articles system.

1. I think the article system should have categories and subcategories like links. Yes, we have topics, but if I am running a site with a large number of articles, I might need the ability to drill down further so I don't have hundreds of articles in one category, and so a user can browse to an article more easily rather than having to use the search functionality.

2. For longer articles, it would be nice to be able to specify that a page break is needed so that Nuke will split the article into multiple pages.

On the Users system:

1. Speaking from a community standpoint, it would be cool to be able to set up user types or groups, and allow users to classify themselves into one of these groups. I think this would be very beneficial in the private messaging system. It could also be used in other ways as well, particularly for advertising demographics. Alternatively, you could make the Occupation and Interests fields on the user record code fields instead of freeform and be able to set up occupation and interest codes that users could search on in the user system.

2. Speaking from an advertising standpoint as well, I would like to see some additional demographic information on the user registration--information that would be helpful in promoting your audience to potential advertising sponsors, such as age range, income range, sex, etc.

Anyway, just some thoughts here. Thanks again for producing a great free product.