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Get Creative Spreading the PostNuke Word!!!

Contributed by Anonymous on Oct 25, 2001 - 07:41 PM

The basic tenet of any promotional efforts is to always keep the product in everyone's eye. Generally, I have come in the habit of regularly signing my name followed by the URL ''. That's easy.

Another easy one is to always make sure you make into a clickable link when you mention it in text.

Another favorite is to simply write to people that are having trouble with other CMS systems, and inform them of, and to ffer them help if they have any additional questions.

When a reviewer writes about weblogs or CMS, be sure to point out to them; When a reviewer hasn't reviewed weblogs yet, be sure to give him the idea to do so.

The key factor to realize is that it'sa thin line between enthusiasm and SPAM. Definitely, do **NOT** just blast " rules' on every message of a forum, or other such inanities. We can leave that to others, (like the now defunct NukeIndex.).

But enough of that - what other ideas does anyone have?